Face & Lip Fillers (Dermal Fillers)

Dermal fillers for your Lips & Face from the Clinic - Hereford

Dermal, Face and Lip Fillers are substances that are injected, in order to enhance features, or remove lines and wrinkles. The treatments are not permanent and last from around 6 to 18 months.

Dermal fillers (Lip Fillers / Face Fillers) will be broken down naturally by your body and the time taken is dependent on many factors. We recommend that you book in top-up sessions to avoid the additional cost of re-doing your look.

The procedures range dependant on your personal requirements, so it's best to have a consultation first, so we can make sure you're getting the very best treatment, based on you!

Our prices range from £150 and upwards. We also offer advanced filler treatments, ask us about them. We will always try to fit your budget and give you the best results. We will also make sure your consultation is honest, professional and what's right for you!

We recommend that you are fully informed and understand the treatment before proceeding. That way you will know what to expect and get the best possible results.

A note from Lydia:

  • Not everyone wants a mega pout 
  • Not everyone wants Russian lips 
  • Not everyone wants it to even look like Lip Filler … 

"My training is constant, I am constantly trying to up my game and beat myself. I am competing with myself!

I see this as artwork , your face is my canvas and I love creating a beautiful look individual to you … 

Let’s talk about your unique shape ..."

Get in Contact to book a consultation!

More information is available on the NHS non-surgical cosmetic proceduresFace & Lip Fillers page here

Russian Style Lip Filler

Advanced Lip filler Treatment are also available and can create striking and beautiful pouts or subtle sculpted augmentation.

Russian Style Lips are a mixture or advanced and standard lip filler techniques and we are very well trained and experienced in administering AMAZING results.

Advanced filler techniques to achieve Russian style lip filler

Lip Filler Examples

Below are examples of our Lip Fillers & the results from The Clinic, here in Hereford. We will give you a consultation that is unique to you and will ultimately compliment and enhance your features.

From slight enhancement to full Russian Style lips, we've got you covered!

Lip Filler Blog ...

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    What Does Lip Filler Cost?

    This question comes up a lot, but it's an easy answer ... The cost of Lip Filler treatments in Hereford varies greatly, but here at The Clinic, a unit of lip filler…

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Lip augmentation advanced lip filler example The Clinic Hereford
Lip augmentation advanced lip filler example The Clinic Hereford
Complications Management - the Clinic Aesthetics in Hereford

Complications Management

We are trained and qualified in First Aid and Complication Management - not all local services are!

So if there are any complications, we can administer First Aid, filler dissolving & anaphylactic shock treatment as required.

Make sure you ask these questions before any treatment is administered. We will be happy to talk you through it and put your mind at ease!

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Bella playz
Bella playz
I had Brazilian laser hair removal done with The Clinic Aesthetics in Hereford and am amazed at the result after just a single session. Lydia uses the diode laser hair removal machine and it's completely pain free. I had my legs done here too and was super worried about this area (a bit different to the legs, obviously!!) But it was completely and utterly painless. No issue whatsoever. Plus, for just one session, I was in and out within 10/15 minutes. It doesn't take long at all, you could quite literally pop in on your lunch break like I did..!!! Thank you so, so much Lydia. I will definitely be back in for more.
Leanne Rodrigues
Leanne Rodrigues
I went to Lydia at the clinic today for laser hair removal on my legs as I wanted to use a reputable practitioner who I know uses top of the range products and equipment. Lydia uses the diode laser hair removal system and having quite sensitive skin, I was concerned about the pain usually associated with laser hair removal that others have often talked about as I'm a massive wimp but I needn't have worried as I didn't feel a thing with this. There wasn't even any reddening of my skin at all. I'm assuming others were discussing IPL laser hair removal but the machine Lydia uses is a diode laser (totally different & completely painless in my opinion). I'll be going back for more areas this week. Massively recommend this hair removal with Lydia to anyone even remotely considering it. Her prices are probably the best in the area. Get in touch now as she has done amazing pre Christmas deals on.
Justyna Ciecierega
Justyna Ciecierega
Lydia is fantastic at her job. I've had a plasma treatment and skin boosters a few times to get rid with acne scars. Totally recommend 👏🤗💚
Andria Edwards
Andria Edwards
I have been going to Lydia for my piercings and treatments for years! She is just the best, always listens to exactly what you want and delivers every time. Love my lips the way Lid does them and so natural looking too ❤️
Claire Jackson
Claire Jackson
It was recently my first experience of visiting the clinic. I was given expert advice, made to feel at ease and overall a great experience. Lydia is understanding of my needs and what I wanted from my treatments. If its your first visit to an aesthics clinic, like it was for me, I would highly recommend Lydia to put you at ease and support your journey. Thanks Lydia! ❣️
Robert Caton
Robert Caton
Lydia removed a skin tag from the end of my nose A completely painless and hassle free procedure, after 3 days the scab fell off and you would never know it was there to begin with. Top quality service
Deborah Allen
Deborah Allen
What a rare gem we have in Hereford! This lady is amazingly skilled and won't do anything that isn't going to look natural and perfect! Ahhh a relief to find someone so talented and caring. Thank you so much. I feel so so much better already!xxcc
Laura Horne
Laura Horne
Amazing service received by Lydia. Professional and very helpful aftercare. Full PPE worn due to COVID regulations. Will definitely go back for further treatments in the future.
sarah macdonald
sarah macdonald
I had my lips done for the first time, the whole experience was 5 🌟from start to finish. Found Lydia listened to what I wanted which was a good start, consultation was very prefessional, clinic very very clinical. And end result was totally amazing that I will be booking for a top up very soon.. Totally recommend. Very very happy client Sarah
tanya powell
tanya powell
Lydia is fantastic at what she does. Her priority is making sure that the treatment you want is right for you before taking your money. She is very professional, very friendly and her clinic is spotless. I would recommend her 100%.



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